MIU COLORĀ is focused on environmentally friendly items for a laid back lifestyle. This 18.5 ounce glass water bottle infuser brings there focus to life. This bottle is BPA free and provides an easy method to create your favorite relaxing drinks. The included sleeve protects the bottle from damage and allows you to easily grip your beverage. The sleeve also...

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New and improved lid with leak-free design. 100% leak proof! Using fresh and natural ingredients, you can make your own customized flavored beverages! Made of durable, BPA free Eastman TRITANTM quality reusable product. This infuser water bottle allows for a comfortable single hand use. Fill the removable snap lock infuser basket with strawberries, lemons,...

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Add some life to your water! The Glass Flavor-It Fruit Infuser Water Bottle uses the fruit infuser to add a flavored zing to any drink. The bottle is made of a high quality glass, making it very easy to clean. It easily withstands freezing to boiling temperatures. This infuser water bottle makes it easy to make a refreshing, hydrating beverage by simply...

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Brita Grand Water Filter Pitcher, White

The Brita Grand Water Filtering Pitcher provides a large 10 cup capacity with clean tasting water that comes standard with Brita Filters. Each Brita filter saves over 300 plastic bottles from ending up in...

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Brita Atlantis Water Filter Pitcher, White

The Brita Atlantis Water Filter Pitcher provides great tasting water at your fingertips. This filtering system is BPA free and reduces levels of many common harmful chemicals. It improves the taste and smell of water by reducing chlorine in the...

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Brita Stainless Steel Water Filter Pitcher

The Brita Stainless Steel Water Purifying Pitcher provides an elegant and simple design that you will love to have in your home. It quickly and easily removes copper, mercury and cadmium that shows up in many tap water sources across the country and...

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Brita Space Saver Water Filter Pitcher, White

Go green and save fridge space with the Brita Space Saver Water Filtering Pitcher. This pitcher fits conveniently in the door of your refrigerator and holds a 6 glass capacity. Cold and clean drinking water is always in stock and never out of reach...

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Brita Grand Water Filter Pitcher, Black Bubbles

Go green with the Brita Grand Water Filter Pitcher. Not only will you have the cleanest drinking water but now you can replace over 300 plastic water bottles with just one Brita filter. With cold clean drinking water available at your fingertips you...

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Brita Hard Sided Water Filter Bottle

With the Brita Hard Sided Filter Water Bottle you can rest assured knowing that you are drinking the cleanest water possible. The Brita filter takes out over 99% of water contaminants. The easy to use locking lid means you are in for a mess free...

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This is an image of the Brita faucet filter attatchment in chrome. This Brita water filter snaps on to existing faucets.

Tap water does not always taste the best, and bottled water is bad for the environment. So what can be done? The Brita Water Filter On Tap System combines the taste of bottle water with the eco advantages of tap water. Simply snap the Brita Water...

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This is an image of the sharky tea infuser. This tea infuser is shaped like a sharks fin.

The Sharky Tea infuser is on of the best tea infusers available! The Sharky Tea infuser combines the tea infusing ability of a tea infuser with the danger of a deadly sea creature! Loose tea will never stand a chance against the Sharky Tea Infuser....

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This is an image of the 18 oz tornado portable mixer. This portable vortex mixer is ideal for mixing drinks.

The LaCuisine 18 oz Tornado Mixer is the ideal drink mixer for cocktails and other drinks. The durable design and ease of use ensures you will be enjoying the Tornado Mixer for years to come. This mixer is one of the easiest to use because it does...

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